The Original Zoolander

I’m in the midst of a busy few days leading up to Christmas as I start a new job, but I’m trying not to neglect the space I’ve created here at Life of La.  So, posts may be shorter and fewer in the days leading up to Christmas, but we’ll return to our scheduled programming by the New Year.  Thanks for bearing with me!

Now, onto the topic at hand – crude comedies.  I love ’em.  Anchorman remains my all-time favorite (Anchorman 2 was also hilarious – rare for a sequel – and it just hit Netflix), but This is the End, Step Brothers, and Zoolander all rank in my top ten favorite flicks.  It’s terrible to admit, because I usually at least pretend that I have some class.  Now, as a Christmas gift for reading my blog, I’m letting you in on a secret: I don’t.

Anyway, I just learned something really cool about Zoolander – it all started with this sketch from the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards:



Have a cozy weekend!


This weekend, I’m wrapping presents and staying warm inside. What are you up to? Here are some links that you can browse in between putting up the Christmas lights and writing your holiday cards:

Really cool aerial wallpapers for your phone.

Beyoncé on body image and happiness.

J. Crew’s newest designer? A four-year-old named Mayhem.

“What to call you and your friends when you guys are being ‘so bad.'”

How to look great in holiday party pics.

Twins are confusing.

Thursday Features: Living within your means, Lumbersexuals, and more…

My Favorite Blogs

This Wednesday, I’m highlighting three of my favorite female bloggers. I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I do!

A Cup of Jo

I’ve been reading Joanna Goddard’s blog for years, now, and used her conversational tone as a model when I began my own blog. She has great personal style (although it’s a little more expensive than mine) and posts recipes, advice, and plenty of pictures of her beautiful tots.


The College Prepster


If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, Carly Heitlinger’s your woman. Her wardrobe is enviable (and her sponsorships are, too), and she has a lovely way of engaging with her readers.


Lauren Conrad


Lauren’s more of a brand than a personal blogger at this point (and she has the staff to prove it), but her website is a carefully curated selection of beauty, fashion, cooking, and lifestyle tips that are always on point.

Check back next Wednesday for more of my favorites!


Happy Friday!


What are your plans for the weekend? Mine include Christmas shopping and red wine. Here are a few links for you to enjoy as you get ready to hit the stores or the couch:

Another reason to love Lego.

Do you ever make up stories for interesting strangers you see? You’ll love this Instagram account.

Speaking of Instagram, this is such a cool gift idea for a friend with a great feed.

What could space exploration look like in the future?

Amazon is run by robots.

We need more of Chris Rock.

Just when you thought Chandelier couldn’t get better…

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday Features: Murder, Scars, Misogyny, and more

imageNeed something to kill time between dinner and Scandal? Here are a few longer articles I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

You’ll like “How Not to Get Away with Murder” if true crime is your thing. (Serial, anyone?) The short version: never try to kill your spouse.

Feminism has never been easy, but it used to be a lot harder.

Tilda Swinton is awesome. My favorite quote: “I don’t really look like people in films; I look like people in paintings.”

Eminem is the Peter Pan of misogyny. He never grew up and it’s starting to show.

Scars make for the best stories. (Just ask me about my hurdling accidents…)

“On Smushing Bugs”

Check back tomorrow for The Weekender!

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