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What are your go-to beauty products in the winter?


It’s tough to feel beautiful in the winter, especially in New England. Unless you took a vacation (cough, cheater), it’s likely you’re paler and more bloated than you’re comfortable with by the time January hits. I’ve never had a real tan in my life (thank you, Irish heritage) but I definitely feel more like myself when my skin turns from alabaster to slightly-less-translucent and my freckles start to crop up.

Over the past six or eight years, I’ve played with my beauty products during the winter to find the best routine for me, and I think I’ve finally hit gold… or bronze. Ha.  (more…)

My Favorite Blogs

This Wednesday, I’m highlighting three of my favorite female bloggers. I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I do!

A Cup of Jo

I’ve been reading Joanna Goddard’s blog for years, now, and used her conversational tone as a model when I began my own blog. She has great personal style (although it’s a little more expensive than mine) and posts recipes, advice, and plenty of pictures of her beautiful tots.


The College Prepster


If you’re looking for some outfit inspiration, Carly Heitlinger’s your woman. Her wardrobe is enviable (and her sponsorships are, too), and she has a lovely way of engaging with her readers.


Lauren Conrad


Lauren’s more of a brand than a personal blogger at this point (and she has the staff to prove it), but her website is a carefully curated selection of beauty, fashion, cooking, and lifestyle tips that are always on point.

Check back next Wednesday for more of my favorites!


Show Up Before You’re Ready


Have you ever applied for a job that you don’t have all the qualifications for? Volunteered for a task that you had to learn along the way? If so, you’ve got a lot in common with other successful women.

I love this article about showing up before you’re ready.

Women (and men) often inadvertently hold themselves back in their professional and personal lives by waiting for the “right moment” to make big moves in their careers or relationships. The subject of the article, New York Times bestselling author and blogger Glennon Doyle Melton, sums her success up nicely, saying “It keeps turning out that I’m enough, every single time.”

Keep that in mind next time you’re unsure if you’re ready to make a move.

Check back tomorrow for more of my favorite articles!

(Meryl and Hilary via Tumblr)