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What are your go-to beauty products in the winter?


It’s tough to feel beautiful in the winter, especially in New England. Unless you took a vacation (cough, cheater), it’s likely you’re paler and more bloated than you’re comfortable with by the time January hits. I’ve never had a real tan in my life (thank you, Irish heritage) but I definitely feel more like myself when my skin turns from alabaster to slightly-less-translucent and my freckles start to crop up.

Over the past six or eight years, I’ve played with my beauty products during the winter to find the best routine for me, and I think I’ve finally hit gold… or bronze. Ha.  (more…)

What have you been up to?


It’s been a while since I last posted, and things are looking different around here.  The leaves are changing, so it’s the 1% of the year when it’s actually pleasant to live in New England, I’ve painted my room so I feel like a productive adult, and I’ve settled into life as a non-college student.  What does that make me?  A real person?

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve missed me and I’m happy to fill you in on what I’ve been up to lately.  Besides job-searching (which is hard!) and substitute teaching (which is fun!) here’s what’s happening in the Life of La: (more…)

What do you wear when you want to feel fabulous?

Ever hear the phrase “dress well, test well”?  It really just refers to the idea that when people feel good about they way they look, they perform better.  While I don’t know of any studies that support the idea, I still love a good confidence boost and think that a carefully drawn streak of eyeliner or a new pair of jeans can do the trick sometimes.

If I wake up with a cold (or just a bad mood) I actually feel a little bit better if I put on an outfit I love or borrow a look that I usually reserve for special occasions.  It’s an odd quirk of mine, but I like to take happiness where I find it.

Now, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to think that I don’t love a day spent in yoga pants and my favorite sweatshirt – in fact, I’ve enjoyed more of those days than I’d care to admit as a college student, but sometimes the trick to making a gloomy day good, or a good day great, is a look that makes you feel fabulous.

In the spirit of self-confidence and shameless materialism, I’m going to share a few of my favorite things in a two-part installment.  First up: beauty products and jewelry. (more…)