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Grammy Favorites


Now playing at Life of La?  Beyoncé, obviously.  If you haven’t been listening to her “Crazy in Love” remix from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack, now’s the time to start.

If you were watching the Grammys last night, you probably caught Bey’s soulful performance of the gospel standard “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”  Check out this behind the scenes look at the performance.  Beyoncé and her back-up singers are sending a powerful message:

Speaking of talent, I was thrilled to see Sam Smith’s success at the Grammy’s last night!  I’m loving “Make it to Me” right now.  Listen to that and a few more of my favorites below!

A little trick…

Do you ever have trouble motivating yourself to do something intimidating?  Whether it’s a big life change or a small, yet looming, decision, I have a little tip.  This sounds weird, but something I remind myself when I need a little boost in the right direction is that no matter important something seems to me, it’s ultimately pretty insignificant in the scheme of things.

This infographic and this video illustrate exactly what I’m talking about:

Recognizing the place we occupy in space and time is super overwhelming at first, but you can use it to your advantage.  Why not apply for your dream job?  Why wouldn’t you submit that application?  What’s stopping you from talking to that attractive stranger?  What does it matter if you fail or embarrass yourself?  Something that can seem huge to you in the moment seems so minute when you step back.  (Bonus tip: this perspective also works for bad days.)

I’ve been using this trick more and more as I make plans for my future and decide what my best path is.  After all, what does it matter if I go in the wrong direction?  A mistep is nothing in the long-run of your life.

Do you have any tricks that you use to movitate yourself?  I’d love to hear them.


Happy 2015!

Happy New Year!  Now that the holidays are over, the only thrilling thing about winter is the sun setting a little later each day.  That, and Friends is finally on Netflix.

But, seriously, I hope you had a relaxing start to 2015 and survived the first Monday of the year.  I’m staying warm on the couch tonight as it’s a nippy 23 degrees in Massachusetts – it feels weird to finally have seasonably cold weather.  I hope you’ll join me in hibernating and enjoy some of these links…  (more…)

The Original Zoolander

I’m in the midst of a busy few days leading up to Christmas as I start a new job, but I’m trying not to neglect the space I’ve created here at Life of La.  So, posts may be shorter and fewer in the days leading up to Christmas, but we’ll return to our scheduled programming by the New Year.  Thanks for bearing with me!

Now, onto the topic at hand – crude comedies.  I love ’em.  Anchorman remains my all-time favorite (Anchorman 2 was also hilarious – rare for a sequel – and it just hit Netflix), but This is the End, Step Brothers, and Zoolander all rank in my top ten favorite flicks.  It’s terrible to admit, because I usually at least pretend that I have some class.  Now, as a Christmas gift for reading my blog, I’m letting you in on a secret: I don’t.

Anyway, I just learned something really cool about Zoolander – it all started with this sketch from the 1996 VH1 Fashion Awards:



What have you been up to?


It’s been a while since I last posted, and things are looking different around here.  The leaves are changing, so it’s the 1% of the year when it’s actually pleasant to live in New England, I’ve painted my room so I feel like a productive adult, and I’ve settled into life as a non-college student.  What does that make me?  A real person?

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve missed me and I’m happy to fill you in on what I’ve been up to lately.  Besides job-searching (which is hard!) and substitute teaching (which is fun!) here’s what’s happening in the Life of La: (more…)