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Are you superstitious?

In general, I’m a very rational person.  I believe in things that make logical and emotional sense to me, and I don’t usually fall for trendy beliefs or ways of thinking.  Yet, when Mercury is retrograde, I throw common sense to the wind and jump on the bandwagon.

I honestly couldn’t explain the astrological significance to Mercury Retrograde (although astrologer to the stars Susan Miller has lots to say on the topic), so suffice it to say that for the few weeks a year that Mercury moves so slowly that it seems to be going backwards, I notice weird changes in my personal life.

I started paying attention to the pattern in college, by browsing astrology websites while avoiding doing homework in the library.  I began reading about it during a period of Retrograde, and it explained so many quirky things that had been happening to me right around that time.  Could it be total bullshit?  Absolutely.  But does it give me a sense of relief and order when life gets a little crazy?  Yup.  For that reason and more, I think I’ll keep selectively believing in astrology.

On a related note, I’ve started listening to The Secret on tape.  It was a huge hit as a movie and a book in the mid-aughts, but Mercury Retrograde must’ve driven me to dig it up online. (Kidding.  Or am I?)

The premise of The Secret is that you can have anything you want in life once you understand and master the Law of Attraction.  Essentially: you must change your thoughts and feelings to match what you desire, and eventually you’ll have it.  Is it new-age-y and weird?  Absolutely.  But in an attempt to listen to the book earnestly instead of through my typical cynical filter, I’ve found that it can actually change the way I look at everyday situations.  If I’m upset, I mimic Australian author and narrator Rhonda Byrne in my mind and say “Life is easy and I am happy.”  Am I immediately happy?  Nope.  But once I start thinking about the reasons I have to be happy and claim an easy life, I feel calmer and more connected with my feelings and intentions.

There has to be some truth behind The Secret and Mercury Retrograde – why else would they keep popping back into the public consciousness?  For me, the truth that the two provide is this: life can and will go off course at any time, but you are the only one responsible for and capable of putting yourself back on track to happiness.

Are you familiar with either of my favorite superstitions?  What are your own?

Funny Story…

iPhone 642

I don’t have much of an excuse for not blogging in so long, other than my life has become significantly less interesting since graduating from college. But I’m back now to share a horrifying/ hilarious personal story.

Yesterday at work I had the pleasure of plunging an incredibly clogged toilet. I work as a lifeguard at a summer camp, and hundreds of kids roll through our tiny beach each day, so I’ll never know who was responsible for this disaster (which is probably a good thing). After about four or five pumps of the plunger, I realized that I was making no progress and that this was a job for maintenance.  Foolishly deciding to go for one more last-ditch plunge, the unthinkable happened. (more…)