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My weirdest quirk…

Have you ever read an article about a weird personality trait or quirky way of thinking that you thought only you experienced?  You have a woah moment of relief that you’ve found at least one other kindred soul, then another feeling sets in: normality.  It’s so healthy to recognize that everyone has weird problems.

My weirdest problem (at the moment) is this.  (Don’t skip the link or you’ll think I’m even crazier than I actually am.)  Misophonia is when certain sounds drive you nuts.  Common irritants (aka the ones that annoy me the most) are chewing, slurping, loud typing, gum snapping, and loud breathing.  Odd, right?  It definitely doesn’t make me sound like the most fun person at the party.

It’s one of those things that I never knew bothered anyone else until I stumbled upon a magazine or blog article years ago and breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I found a soul-sister in Kelly Ripa when I spotted this cover on a tabloid stand a couple of years ago:


Whenever I get a little too worked up about a noise that’s bothersome to me (which usually only happens when I’m already stressing about something else) I take a moment to remind myself that I’m not the only one with problems.  Sometimes stepping out of myself is the best thing I can do in a stressful situation.  I have to recognize that I am the one with the quirky problem, not the innocent person chomping an apple or typing heavy-handedly on their laptop that I’m glaring at.  Another solution has been noise-cancelling headphones… the only problem being that I’m kind of nosy and don’t like to miss out on any conversations that I might be able to insert myself into.

Although it can be fun to play the “world-revolves-around-me” game when you encounter a problem, sometimes the best thing you can do is search for others who have had similar experiences.

What’s your weirdest quirk?  Can you top mine?


Could you go 40 days without being mean?

In addition to this week’s Thursday features, I thought it’d be fun to include three interesting challenges I found…

1. 40 Days of Kindness: Inspired by this article on the Cut, it’s a wonderful read that presents a challenge – could you go 40 days without being mean?  The author does, but not without difficulty.  As someone with an appreciation for sarcasm, I found it really interesting that while snark might seem “cool” in our culture, kindness is more useful personally.  It “helps your social status, attracts romantic partners, and helps you to be much healthier and happier in general.”  Yikes… I can’t come up with a sarcastic response to that.  40 days of kindness might be worth a try.

2.  101 Goals in 1001 Days: My friend Lauren tipped me off to this, and sent me her own lovely and inspiring list of 101 goals to accomplish in 1001 days.  The blogger who originated the idea, Mackenzie Horan of Design Darling, calls the plan “a happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucket list.”  Such a cool way to inspire yourself and plan for the future!

3.  30 Days of Minimalism:  Start your year off with a refreshing challenge.  These 30 one-day assignments can be completed in any order, as long as you do one per day, and are designed “to help you dip your toes into minimalist living, discover lots of new things about yourself and get a big head start” on your goals for the year.  I love how the challenges all seem simple and kind of relaxing.

Which do you think you’d be up to taking on?  I’d love to try them with you all!

P.S.  Some of my favorite reads from this week to enjoy at your leisure…

The heartbreaking reality of Prader-Willi syndrome.

The “perfect female body” has definitely not stayed the same over the past century.  (Thanks to Lauren for this link, too!)

How to survive a 47 hour train ride.

Is your job not as fulfilling as you had hoped?  Maybe this is why you hate work


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What to read today…

Along with this week’s round-up of Thursday features, you have to watch Ed Sheeran’s video for his now ubiqutious song, “Thinking Out Loud.”  Enjoy, below.


I’ve never been to Disney World (and I don’t plan to go), but this story touches on a few things I do value, like kindness, empathy, and the value of escapism.

Lena Dunham is always interesting.  (P.S. Did you catch the season premiere of Girls last Sunday?)

If the New York Times has an obituary on file for you and you’re still alive, you should feel flattered.

“What do we mean when we use the word meaning?”

Do you think you could make yourself fall in love with a stranger?

Where will you go in 2015?


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Thursday Features: Living within your means, Lumbersexuals, and more…

Thursday Features: Murder, Scars, Misogyny, and more

imageNeed something to kill time between dinner and Scandal? Here are a few longer articles I’ve enjoyed reading this week:

You’ll like “How Not to Get Away with Murder” if true crime is your thing. (Serial, anyone?) The short version: never try to kill your spouse.

Feminism has never been easy, but it used to be a lot harder.

Tilda Swinton is awesome. My favorite quote: “I don’t really look like people in films; I look like people in paintings.”

Eminem is the Peter Pan of misogyny. He never grew up and it’s starting to show.

Scars make for the best stories. (Just ask me about my hurdling accidents…)

“On Smushing Bugs”

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Thursday Features: On Passwords, Kindness, and More…


Looking for some longer articles to peruse while you’re commuting home or cooking dinner? Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Is our culture starting to accept that although we age, we never really “grow up”? (

The Bill Cosby rape accusations are so disturbing. Like The Atlantic argues, however, choosing to ignore them is “reckless.” (

Required reading on the value of being kind. Keep the tissues close by in case you “get something in your eye.” (

“You have a choice. You don’t realize it, but you have a choice. You can be a giver or you can be a taker. You can get filled up or empty.” Why the very wealthy often feel very unsatisfied. (

How meaningful are your passwords? (

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(Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett via Tumblr)