We’re inundated by love every day in stories, television shows, online articles, and advertisements.  Most often, though, the message presented through these mediums is the same: you need another person to be happy.  This is particularly true for women, who are presented with two extremes – one must either be deeply lonely, or deeply in love.  Where’s the portrayal of the person in between?  One who feels whole as they are?  Who is open to love but not desperate?  We don’t see this person in the media, but he or she exists a million times over in the real world.

With this in mind, I’m equal parts proud and embarrassed to present a new segment on Life of La, in which I make a fool of myself to both make a point, and provide you with some Friday afternoon entertainment.

Things to consider while watching:
Where did Lauren get those dance moves?
How did she get to be such a good lip-syncer?
Can I get those five minutes of my life back? [Answer: no.]

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon, I present: Alone on Top:

Think you could take on my immaculate skills?  Let me know in the comments.

Special thanks to my roommates Julia and Alannah for their help!