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Make your post-grad space your own.


For many twenty-somethings, graduating college means more than saying goodbye to summer vacation and Tuesday night trips to the bar. Lots of us start looking for our own places — whether that be an apartment in a hip part of the city, a house rented with lots of friends, or (if you’re lucky enough to be in grad school) affordable student housing.

Even if you’re not moving out of your childhood home for a while, now’s still the time to start thinking about decorating your future home. Empty wine bottles won’t cut it anymore, but there are lots of ways to upgrade your space on a budget while still leaving room for your favorite things.   (more…)

How do you organize your space?


I didn’t know something really important about myself until I went to college – I value a clean and organized space.  Actually, it’s more than that.  I need a clean and organized physical space to feel like I’m organized mentally.  My bedroom at home never really reflected this in high school, or in my early college years, but as soon as I had a second living space at school, I began to act on my own (totally made-up) version of feng shui.

My first order of business as a college grad (more…)