The Blizzard of ’78 in Boston.

There’s a major storm brewing here in Massachusetts, as I’m sure you’ve heard. We’re supposed to get between two and three feet, which is just enough to tip most seasoned New Englanders into an “I’ve never seen snow before” panic. If you count yourself in that group (begrudingly or not), let’s talk blizzard essentials.

When I think of snowstorm necessities, food is obviously at the top of my list. The house is well-stocked and my emergency chocolate and red wine stashes are in place. Check.

You might think that entertainment is next on the list. It’s not. While I will get to what’s waiting in my Netflix queue and on my bookshelf, the next important necessity is actually a to-do list. Bear with me. Remember when you were a kid and stayed home sick from school? It was such a treat to watch daytime TV, play Britney’s lastest album on your Walkman, and lounge in your bunk bed.  The fun wore off around dinnertime, though.  You’d start to feel housebound and wish you hadn’t faked a temperature or tummyache after all, as you watched your siblings fight over the Razor scooter outside or listened to your mom tell your friends that you couldn’t come out to play.

Inevitibly, this feeling of regret will set in six or seven hours into a snow day.  If all you have on deck for the day are a few books and tv shows to binge-consume with a cup of hot chocolate, you might get antsy sooner than you’d expect (probably around the third or fourth time that you have to remind Netflix that yes, you’re still watching).  That’s when the to-do list comes into play.  Make the best out of being house-bound by taking on a few projects you’ve been meaning to get around to.  Clean your closet and make a bag of donations; organize that drawer that makes you cringe every time you slide it open; dust, vacuum, go full-Cinderella. Or tackle a creative endeavor: draft a few cover letters; pull together an application; fine-tune a portfolio; start a blog!  Holding yourself accountable for a few accomplishments willl help you to feel like a snow day – while still relaxing – was a day well-spent.


Now – I’m sure you’re dying to know what I’m reading.  I’ve been flying through The Defining Decade, a book written by clinical psychologist Meg Jay about the importance of your twenties.  I bought it last year after reading great reviews, but totally forgot I had it until my friend Kelly recommended it!  It’s the kind of book that is both helpful and familiar – I want to highlight every paragraph.  I see a lot of myself and my friends in the twenty-somethings profiled in the book.  Download it to your computer or tablet for a great blizzard read!

If you’re hunkered down and ready for a new series to blow through from the comfort of your couch, here are two of my new favorites:


Broadchurch (Netflix): A seaside English town deals with the aftermath of the murder of a young boy.  Dark content matter but great acting.  It’s a great example of suspense done well – you’ll spend the whole season wondering who you can trust.


Drunk History (Amazon Prime): Really, really drunk narrators (and I mean actually drunk) tell the stories of important moments in history.  Well-known actors like Kristin Wiig and Jack Black act out said moments with the narrator’s voice dubbed in.  A ridiculous premise makes for a hilarious show.

 Did I miss any blizzard essentials? (Shoveling is a necessary evil I don’t like to think about until I have to.)  Stay safe and warm, and check back tomorrow!

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