Month: May 2014

Why men are so important to feminism…

A longer return post is coming soon, but take twenty minutes out of your evening to watch this TED Talk.  Show it to the men (and women) in your life – the fight against sexism and misogyny is not a battle between the sexes, but rather one that men and women should take on together.

It’s interesting to think of this in relation to the #YesAllWomen movement, which you can learn about here and here. (In short, it argues that while it’s true that “Not All Men” are violent or demeaning towards women, “Yes All Women” have had to deal with at least one encounter with such a man.)

There’s a lot going on in terms of feminism and gender relations at the moment!  Thoughts?

Can you believe it’s already May?

iPhone 665

So I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging, in part because of finals at school and in part because of this, but I’m back!  I’d love to share a few things from around the web that have captured my interest in the past couple of weeks.

My brother showed my mom and I this awesome TED Talk by Joshua Foer (this guy‘s brother) about memory.  Foer explains the right way to memorize, and it actually seems pretty fun!  Definitely worth twenty minutes of your time.

Lots of interesting material to think about here for any True Detective fans still befuddled by the entire series. (Start at the bottom for the beginning of a six part article.)

Ever been hit on and pulled the “I have a boyfriend” excuse to get someone to go away?  You’ll think twice after you read this, a really fascinating feminist perspective on how we define ourselves. (Thanks to my lovely friend Molly for sending me this!)

On a similar note, have you heard of gaslighting?  If you’ve ever been called “crazy” for saying something that someone else didn’t agree with, then it’s happened to you.  It’s a great concept to be aware of the next time you have a disagreement.

One of my favorite blogs, Humans of New York, did a piece for Vogue covering the Met Gala.

As always I’d love to hear any thoughts you have to share!  Enjoy the sunshine!