iPhone 039

What’s it like being a woman in her twenties these days?  Confusing?  Difficult?  Painful?  Exciting?  Invigorating?  Fun?  All of these, actually, but adjectives can hardly begin to cover what’s going on.  Some days, it’s like an episode of Girls, filled with blossoming romance or crushing heartbreak, career triumphs or office faux pas, dreaming about the future or pining for a past blurred by nostalgia… except it’s often even more dramatic.  Others, it’s about as eventful as the unpaid internship where most of your time is spent walking to the copy machine and back and lusting for a fix of your Twitter feed.  I can really only speak for myself, but I like to talk so I’ll just assume permission and speak collectively for the women of my generation.  Stick around to hear what I have to say.